Growing Bell Peppers Nearly Anywhere

Like tomatoes and potatoes, bell peppers are nightshades (Solanaceae) from Central and South America

The abundance of sweet, mild fruits in a spectrum of hues makes bell peppers one of the most popular pepper kinds.

 Bell pepper gardening isn't hard, but it's helpful to know a few tricks.

Bell peppers are summer annuals but perennials in frost-free Zones 9–12. Bell peppers mature in 3–4 months

 and need 6–8 hours of sunlight daily. They are bushy and grow 1–4 feet tall.

“Bell peppers can be finicky to grow, but if you give them what they need, they’ll produce loads of peppers for you,” says horticulture expert Shelby DeVore


 founder of Garden. Farm. Thrive. Heavy producers like bell peppers need lots of water


In dependably moist soil, bell pepper plants thrive, she explains.


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