Horoscope Today: March,11, 2024


Nothing bad ever happens. Every event serves our best interests. Your soul knows this, Aries. You live easily, joyfully, effortlessly. You know  


Your message this week is discernment. Choose your time and energy wisely. To hang out with people who inspire you rather than drain you. 


So what's your past doing here? If it didn't work out, it wasn't meant to. Because your requests weren't in your best interests. Drop your baggage, boo. 


Remember that you chose this during the dark night of the soul. Your soul chose this experience to integrate your shadows and experience high-level inner alchemy. 


Are you served? Does it benefit you to keep your heart to yourself? Not everyone deserves your compassion. Keep an open mind if the right person comes along. 


We hear you, Virgo! You've been taken advantage of and had your heart broken by loved ones. Should that motivate you to build walls? 


We pray for change constantly, which is odd. We constantly pray for divine intervention to improve our lives. However, we hesitate greatly when given the chance to change 


Scorpio, your biggest delusion is being stuck. The universe wants you to remember that you can move, groove, and choose differently. 


Okay, haters can call you delulu! You know that the law of attraction, the universe, and your failures are all part of a greater plan. You continue to live with ease, joy, and surrender. From the cosmic conference: it's yours! 


The rules are there for a reason. Capricorn, you're not bound by them. Change rigidity to flexibility. Let yourself be spontaneous and embrace the flow. 


Aquarius, you're done! You're done with energy vampires, gossipers, and air-kissers! You want your rainbow tribe, people who share your weird and wonderful vibration 


Imagine if the stars conspired to help you. That the divine forces are working hard to give you a 5-star earthly experience. Stop being a victim, Pisces.