How Much Does Reba McEntire Get Paid to Coach on 'The Voice'? 

The Voice coaches earn millions of dollars each season, and Reba McEntire, a newbie, is no exception. 

She probably earns the following amount per season, plus her net worth.Reba McEntire joins NBC's The Voice Season 24 as a new coach. 

We are happy to see McEntire in charge in place of Blake Shelton because we recall her serving as a Mega Mentor in season 23. 

McEntire has previously stated that she had no desire to work as a judge on a reality TV show. However, perhaps the pay was too high to pass up. 

Here are some projections for McEntire's potential earnings as a coach on The Voice, as well as details on her estimated wealth in 2023. 

We are already enjoying the presence of country music icon Reba McEntire in Season 24 of The Voice. 

We at Showbiz Cheat Sheet are fans of The Voice, so when the news that Blake Shelton was quitting the program broke, we weren't sure how to react. 

But with McEntire taking his place (as well as John Legend, Niall Horan, and Gwen Stefani returning), we knew Shelton intended to leave the series in capable hands. 

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