Hoyer said Brady told him to "play the whole year" in 2019.

New England Patriots star Tom Brady's career ended poorly. The great quarterback's final pass was intercepted

fittingly ending a 2019 season known more for its off-field events than its on.

Tom E. Curran said that Brady wants a two-year, $50 million Patriots contract before the 2019 season

His contract predicament strained his relationship with then-Pats head coach/general manager Bill Belichick, who reportedly advised teammate QB Brian Hoyer to anticipate playing the entire season.

In Apple TV+'s Patriots docuseries, "The Dynasty," the 2019 season was mostly ignored, yet it sealed Brady's departure from the team

"Tom once told me, "Hey babe, just be ready to play the whole year." I wondered, "What happened?" Were you hurt? What's happening?' He said


Do you recall the day in training camp that year he didn't practice? Since it was only myself and Jarrett Stidham, I got all the reps


His new contract arrived the next day. I suppose it was more about becoming a free agent after that year."


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