Huevos Rabo de Mestiza (Poached Eggs with Tomato and Poblano Rajas Sauce)  

Huevos Rabo de Mestiza is a delicious brunch recipe that comes together in less than an hour.  

In this delightful recipe from cookbook author Pati Jinich, eggs poach directly in the sauce, which is made with charred poblanos, canned tomatoes, and sautéed onions.   

This vegetarian recipe is tomato-based with mild flavours from grilled poblanos.   

The poblanos are delicate and, when combined with onions, offer a pleasant aroma and assist to bulk up the meal.   

The egg yolks stay runny, while the egg whites are cooked but still somewhat soft — just way we like them — and pieces of cotija cheese give the perfect amount of savoury richness.  

In this recipe, the eggs are cooked immediately in the tomato sauce. If you want to poach them individually, fill a big saucepan with a few inches of water and heat on medium-low until just below a simmer.  

Add a liberal amount of white vinegar to the water. Crack an egg into a small bowl, then use a spoon to quickly stir the boiling water in a circular manner to produce a tornado effect.   

Gently place the egg into the centre of the tornado and heat until the whites are set but the yolk remains soft.   

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