Human vision and optical illusions

An optical illusion is a deception perpetrated by the eyes on the brain, a mistake in the way the brain processes the data the eyes present. 


 The brain is duped by the signals the eyes give because the world exists in three dimensions but an optical illusion often exists in only two.


.Why these illusions fool people's brains is a mystery to everyone


There are a number of hypotheses explaining why optical illusions are effective.

One is that the brain can occasionally be tricked into believing there is movement by making quick eye movements between fixation points, or saccades. 

There is also the assumption that your brain is always trying to figure out what to connect and forecast. 


Misunderstandings may arise when reality deviates from your brain's expectation or prediction, despite the fact that this is incredibly helpful for survival.


Another possibility is that your brain is being confused by an illusion's excess of information on your visual pathways. 

The James Webb Space Telescope targets a Triangulum Galaxy star-forming region. 

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