I was blown away after watching 'Oppenheimer': Oscar winner Cillian Murphy  

Cillian Murphy, reflecting on his Oscar win for "Oppenheimer," expressed gratitude and humility. 

Winning an Oscar as the first Irish-born actor felt surreal and humbling to Murphy. 

Murphy expressed pride in his Irish heritage and highlighted Ireland's support for talent in the film industry. 

With "Oppenheimer" being his sixth collaboration with Christopher Nolan, Murphy praised Nolan's mastery as a director and storyteller. 

Murphy appreciated Nolan's collaborative approach with actors and his ability to engage audiences with complex narratives. 

Murphy acknowledged Nolan's impact on his career and expressed hope for future collaborations. 

Before taking on the role, Murphy had limited knowledge about J. Robert Oppenheimer's personal life. 

While aware of Oppenheimer's involvement in the events of 1945, Murphy's understanding of him as a person was minimal. 

Murphy's portrayal of Oppenheimer offered him a deeper understanding of the man behind the historical figure. 

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