This vitamin-rich spring meal dresses kale, Swiss chard, and watercress with a mixture of vinegar and hot bacon drippings fat.  

You are the sign that is most anchored in all five senses, fully sensitive to both mental and physical pleasure.  

For the main course, try this recipe for spring pea pasta with some glazed shallots   

The tart lime juice, spicy jalapeños, cold avocados, and warming spices like cumin all benefit from its peppery taste.  

These are our top suggestions for veggie-focused spring dinners.  


These days, you can find dumpling wrappers, chile crisp, and black vinegar in almost any grocery shop. And for that, thank you, wonderful deliciousness.  

The main courses listed below include fresh herbs, asparagus, snap peas, artichokes, leeks, spinach, and watercress, as that is what we all want them to do.   

This spring dish has crema, jalapeños, and garlic as key supporting ingredients, but the main attraction is a vegetarian taco filling.  


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