In 8 seconds, only a genius can spot the word shop among stop.

Optical illusions fascinate our visual perception, challenging our interpretation and understanding of the world around us.

Optical illusions take use of the brain's inclination to generate assumptions about the visual information it receives, causing us to perceive things that do not correspond to reality.

One typical sort of optical illusion is distorted shapes, colors, or patterns that trick our minds into perceiving something that isn't there.

These illusions demonstrate the complex interaction between our eyes and the brain's perception of visual stimuli.

The ambiguity in optical illusions creates a cognitive struggle, challenging our brains to reconcile conflicting information and solve the problem.

This optical illusion vision test will put your strong observational abilities to the test. Among the letters that make up the word 'Stop,' there is a secret challenge: find the word 'Shop' in 8 seconds.

The juxtaposition of similar letters and shapes generates a visual puzzle that stimulates your cognitive powers.

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