In gratitude for T-Pain's 'BEEN LIKE THIS' collaboration, Meghan Trainor paid for an Atlanta newspaper slot.

Meghan Trainor paid for a full-page Atlanta newspaper ad to honor T-Pain for his participation on her new song “Been Like This.”

Pain read the ad aloud in awe in a TikTok video on Monday (March 18).

“This is the craziest thing anyone has done. Period, he said.

I have a song with Meghan Trainor that came out yesterday, and she took out a full-page ad in the Atlanta newspaper to thank me.

It's the newspaper, bro.This letter of thanks is for T-Pain alone. 

 I knew you were my favorite musician when I first heard your music.

I was amazed by your music and lyrics. Rhyming ‘Wisconsin’ and ‘mansion’ is expert songwriting and inspired me.

“Thank you for inspiring me and a generation of musicians. 

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