In Nolly Episode 1, what is true and what is false?  

The miniseries Nolly on MASTERPIECE is based on a true story, albeit some characters and incidents have been made up.   

So, did 10,000 dedicated fans actually show out for a Crossroads wedding scene? Was the cast of this early soap opera diverse  

Is it feasible that Noele Gordon was indeed the first woman to appear on colour television  

Discover which details and events in Nolly Episode 1 are true and which are false.  

FACT! She was the first to appear in motion on colour television, which aired in 1938.   

According to the Science and Media Museum in the United Kingdom, Scottish inventor John Logie Baird   

According to the Independent (UK), Nolly Gordon was "chosen for her blue eyes, fair skin, and very dark hair, which she would later dye red  

In 1975, large crowds gathered at Birmingham Cathedral to watch Noele Gordon play the character Meg Richardson become Mrs. Meg Mortimer.   

According to The Noele Gordon Archive, "ATV actively promoted the February recording date of 'the TV wedding  

"It was a huge deliberate publicity stunt to show just how popular with the public [the show] was."  

Nolly creator Russell T Davies tells iNews (UK) that he created the character of Poppy Ngomo  

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