Incredible optical illusions  

From remembering birthdays to ensuring you never forget a humiliating moment from years ago, we can't control what it chooses to focus on — and what it doesn't.


However, even brains make mistakes, which is why optical illusions exist. Optical illusions are visuals or pictures that depict something other than reality.  


They can also be useful distractions from daily life, and medical professionals credit them with helping them understand what makes the human brain tick.  


TikTok user @purpzosaur submitted an image that appears to contain only four numerals. But there are actually ten!   

"I can only see 12346789," one disgruntled viewer said, while another said, "I see 12346780 and 00 (infinity)."  

Keep an eye on the swinging monkey to see the number that most people have trouble with: five.  


This one could make your head spin. This purple and yellow image appears to be moving, but it is actually not.  


What is the trick to making it stay still? Try looking in the centre.TikTok is at it again. This time, user @seandoesmagic shows viewers four squares with a black cross in the centre.  

The James Webb Space Telescope targets a Triangulum Galaxy star-forming region. 

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