Information about plant-based diets: A primer for newcomers

Are low-carb or low-fat diets better for weight loss? Does saturated fat cause heart disease.

Do cholesterol-rich meals raise cholesterol? Is red meat healthy or should you limit it? However, most nutritionists and wellness professionals agree on two things.

Eating vegetables is crucial. So, a diet that emphasizes veggies and plants must be healthful, which is where plant-based diets come in.

Recent “plant-based diets” have joined vegan and vegetarian diets in avoiding animal products and focusing on plants. 

A plant-based diet—what is it? Is it different from vegan or vegetarian? Plant-based diets.

Read on to learn about plant-based diets.

 their benefits, and what you can and can't consume to decide if you want to try one.

Plant-based diets include largely plant foods but not solely.

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