Inside Jesse Palmer's 'The Bachelor' Season: Who Won the Final Rose?

Jesse Palmer may be the host of The Bachelor, and as a former Bachelor lead, he is more than qualified for the role. 

Season 5's protagonist, a popular sports broadcaster and former professional football player, left the dating show without getting engaged.

Jesse was 25 years old when he appeared in Season 5 of the long-running ABC sitcom. His season ran from April until May 2004.

During his season, the current Bachelor host made a notorious name mistake.

During the first rose ceremony, Jesse offered his rose to a woman named Katie, but he actually meant another contestant named Karen.

"That wasn't the girl I wanted to give it to," Jesse told host Chris Harrison. Katie was allowed to stay another week, as was Karen.

"I was staring at Karen, offering her the rose, and I said, 'Katie,' but then another woman started walking in my peripheral vision, and that's when I thought to myself, 'Damn it, I screwed that up,'"

Jesse later remembered on the Jennifer Hudson Show in March 2023. "It was like playing quarterback in the NFL, you gotta scramble in the moment."

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