Is 'Yellowstone' real? Ranchers reveal the truth, and fiction, behind the hit show

Since 2018, Paramount's TV series "Yellowstone" has soared to popularity with its searing drama and picturesque scenery from western Montana,

 leaving many viewers wondering how much of the portrayed ranch life - from a boisterous bunkhouse to family feuds - is based on truth. 

The Dutton family drama, created by Taylor Sheridan and starring Kevin Costner, has amassed a passionate fan base and spawned numerous spinoffs. 

Penny Krebs, a rancher in Oregon, told Fox News Digital that many key features of "Yellowstone" truly depict ranch life, particularly the care and respect provided to the livestock.

"That's how you pay your bills, that's how you make your land payments, that's what you do when you're a rancher," said Krebs. "You have so much responsibility." 

Krebs further stated that the show realistically portrays family concerns, such as passing along ranches from generation to generation.

People must begin to divide their properties into little parcels, which takes away the big tracts of land we have out west

so pretty soon there will be a house development with no farming, ranching, or cattle running," she remarked. 

Anna Kobza, a first-generation cattle producer and Ph.D. student in feedlot nutrition, praised the show's portrayal of a realistic family dynamic. 

"I think a lot of the land issues they talk about, some of the reservation stuff, I think there's some really realistic stuff in there,

 she said, adding that "generational issues" are a "very real thing" for multigenerational ranches.  

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