Fans have been ecstatic since Warner Bros. Pictures released the teaser trailer for "Beetlejuice  

Beetlejuice," the eagerly anticipated follow-up to the classic 1988 movie that stars Michael Keaton  

Winona Ryder. Recalling the charm and strangeness of Tim Burton's original film, this new version promises a nostalgic voyage with well-known features like Danny Elfman's creepy soundtrack and Harry Belafonte's "Day-O." The teaser offers a glimpse of the return of iconic locations and characters, such as Catherine O'Hara's Delia Deetz and Lydia (played by Ryder), who sports her trademark black bangs.  

Also introduced is Jenna Ortega, a newcomer who raises the possibility of additional plot twists.   

processed food ingredients, and satisfy you for extended periods of time while also boosting your metabolism.    

elicits excitement with his catchphrase, "The juice is loose!"  

With its distinctive mix of humor and terror, the first "Beetlejuice"  

The sequel, which opens on September 6, promises to captivate audiences with an enlarged cast that includes,   

Beetlejuice" to the big screen is almost here.  

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