Jennifer Lawrence reflects on body image struggles early in career

Jennifer Lawrence recently opened up about her battles with body image concerns while pursuing a career in Hollywood.  

In a flashback interview at Elle's Women in Hollywood event, the Red Sparrow star revealed that movie producers would push her to drop weight in a "degrading" manner.  

"A female producer had me do a naked line-up with about five women who were much, much thinner than me," Jennifer explained.  

The Joy actress revealed, "We're standing side by side, with only tape covering our privates.  

After that terrible and humiliating lineup, the female producer advised me to use the naked images of myself as motivation for my diet."  

Jennifer recalled that she was approached to work in an adult film, which she considered to be extremely "humiliating and degrading."  

In the meantime, Jennifer stated, "I would like us to make a new normal-body type," in an interview with Harper's Bazaar.  

We love that there is somebody with a normal body," exclaims everyone. And I'm thinking, 'I don't think my body is normal.'"  

"I think we've become so accustomed to being underweight that people often comment, 'Oh my God, she's curvaceous,'" when someone is overweight.  

which is absurd. Raising the stakes would be the absolute least, she continued.  

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