Jets' unexpected choice regarding Aaron Rodgers' handling of the Packers  

Gang Green to Green Bay. With the Packers throughout the first eighteen seasons of his illustrious career, Aaron Rodgers won four MVP awards and a Super Bowl.   

However, the connection broke down in 2020 as Green Bay used its first-round selection to choose Utah quarterback Jordan Love.  

Although there was some animosity in the divorce between Rodgers and the Packers, it was finally resolved this past April when Rodgers was traded to the Jets in exchange for a package of picks. Since then,  

Rodgers has been living the high life and making "Broadway Joe" proud, as if he had discovered the Fountain of Youth.  nalized.

There was much more to the negotiations than just a few phone calls, even though both teams came away from the transaction with what they wanted: the Packers with a package of selections to retool and the Jets with a potential franchise savior.

The Jets-Packers trade was completed as follows, along with the story that went before it:

The four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers was traded to the Jets in exchange for a first-round pick in the 2023   

The terms of Aaron Rodgers' new deal are finalized.  

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