Jimmy Garoppolo explains what led to his two-game suspension.

Jimmy Garoppolo will return to California as the Los Angeles Rams' backup quarterback. But he will miss a few games owing to a breach of the NFL's performance-enhancing substance rules.

Garoppolo told the reporters this week that the two-game ban he received was because he "messed up" the league's therapeutic use exemption for prescription drugs while with the Las Vegas Raiders.

The league reportedly suspended him because he took a prescription drug without a legitimate therapeutic use exemption from the league.

Garoppolo expressed optimism that the Rams will be able to win their first few games without him and intends to move forward while remaining positive.

"Hopefully we'll get some dubs, start off 2-0, and keep things moving," Garoppolo said, per ESPN. "But this is just one of those moments. It's what it is. You have to deal with it, keep moving forward, and be positive."

After entering the 2023 season as the starting quarterback in Las Vegas, Garoppolo played himself out of a job and was unable to find another starting position.

He now joins the Rams as Matthew Stafford's backup and has the opportunity to restart his career under Sean McVay, one of the league's top quarterback development coaches.

Two weeks are unlikely to make much of a difference in his career overall, but a ban this early in his term will undoubtedly be detrimental.

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