John Wick Disproved an Old Sequel Rule in Order to Launch a Billion-Dollar Franchise.

John Wick: Chapter 2's enormous success indicates that it contradicts a preconceived assumption about sequels.  

Numerous instances exist of uninvited sequels that were terrible and damaged the reputation of the original.  

This isn't the case with John Wick, though, as the movie went on to have a blockbuster sequel and two more profitable movies after it. 

Audiences have found the events in the whole John Wick timeline to be immensely fascinating, which has allowed the series to carry on in a genuine and organic fashion. 

Despite early doubts about the necessity of a John Wick sequel, the movie ultimately served as a cautionary tale for the whole Hollywood industry. 

In the entertainment industry, sequels are a heated topic because many rely too much on them in an attempt to make a profit, which makes a series feel terribly stale.  

This is why fans may find sequels to be disappointing, but in this instance, it turned out to be a really wise choice. 

There wasn't a lot of demand for a John Wick 2, which raised the expectation that the legacy of the first film would be damaged and that a sequel wasn't essential.  

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