"Kang Dynasty" is Replaced by Avengers 5

After his guilty verdict, Marvel fired Jonathan Majors.The notion that “Avengers 5” will replace Kang Dynasty supports the rumors. 

Cancelled Avengers: Kang Dynasty will become Avengers: Secret Wars Part 1 and 2.

Disney and Marvel promptly fired Jonathan Majors after his guilty verdict.

The deals confirm that Jonathan Majors will no longer play Kang in the MCU.

The editor and reporter who co-wrote THR's Majors firing scoop tweeted, “Marvel now has two options: recast, or focus on a new villain.

Avengers 5 may focus on a new villain.Jeff Sneider, who reported on Secret Wars Parts 1 and 2, responded on Twitter.

I told you the next AVENGERS movie wouldn't be called Kang Dynasty. 

Only Jonathan Majors comes to mind while talking about Kang.

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