Kelly Reilly calls Yellowstone’s Rip and Beth “soulmates” and don’t we know it

Yellowstone, everyone's favorite Western, brings the fire to the Yellowstone-Dutton Ranch via drama, intrigue, and romance.

There are no fairytales in Yellowstone, but everyone cheers for their favorite couples, particularly Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler.

Kelly Reilly, who plays Dutton, told The Hollywood Reporter that the romance between Rip and Beth was written in the stars and scripted from the first few episodes.

Rip's path to Beth's heart has not been simple, but it was one he set out on with good intentions.

Rip saw a side of Beth that she didn't know in herself, and it was both beautiful and vulnerable to witness her discovery.

Fans of Yellowstone are just as invested in Rip and Beth's romance as they are in discovering the storyline's arc, 

possibly because their love is so deeply ingrained in everything on the farm.

Later in the conversation, Rip himself, Cole Hauser, offered his thoughts on their romance and why fans are so engaged in the couple's happy ending.

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