'Kid-friendly' production is guaranteed for North's debut album by Kanye West.

The attention was all on North West at her very first show.  

The 10-year-old Kim Kardashian kid went to Rolling Loud California for her first-ever festival performance with her father, Kanye West. 

Following her performance, she conducted her first live interview with 13-year-old Jazlyn, also known as Jazzy's World, who was doing a live broadcast for Rolling Loud.  

In response to Jazlyn's question regarding her upcoming album Elementary School Dropout, North said, "It's gonna be great." When the young reporter followed up to find out when her debut album was released, the aspiring singer responded, "Like, I don't know." 

Jazlyn then inquired as to whether her well-known rapper father would be working on any songs for the album.    

"Possibly! We're not sure yet!" North made fun of it.  

Additionally, Justin Laboy said to TMZ that Kanye is overseeing the production to ensure that it is all "kid-friendly."  

"She's already had success. I am aware that she will appear on "Vultures 2" once more, and that record is going to be legendary. Everyone is thrilled and eager to support her, even the top engineers and production. Justin said, "I think she got it and she loves it naturally."  

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