Kim Kardashian Has Officially Entered the Kate Middleton Chat. 

Kim Kardashian jokingly hinted at becoming a private investigator regarding Kate Middleton's whereabouts, sharing throwback photos with a cheeky caption. 

Kardashian playfully suggested she was on a mission to find Kate Middleton in a social media post over the weekend. 

Sharing throwback images from a family event in 2022, Kardashian teased her followers about her intent to locate the missing princess. 

Kardashian's Instagram post humorously alluded to her embarking on a quest to track down Kate Middleton amid recent controversies. 

In a light-hearted Instagram update, Kardashian hinted at her interest in uncovering Kate Middleton's current location, using nostalgic photos for emphasis. 

Kim Kardashian teased her followers with a post insinuating she was off to find Kate Middleton, adding a touch of humor to the ongoing speculation. 

Kardashian's recent social media post showcased her playful side as she joked about investigating the mystery surrounding Kate Middleton's absence. 

Kim Kardashian joined the speculation surrounding Kate Middleton's whereabouts with a lighthearted Instagram post featuring throwback photos and a witty caption. 

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