Large cat breeds have much bigger personalities.  

What kind of feline companion springs to mind when you hear the word "cat"  

While small furballs like the Abyssinian or Siamese cat are among the most popular breeds, several jumbo-size kittens provide just as much love and affection.  

n fact, huge cat breeds frequently have larger-than-life personalities to match their size!   


Whether you're looking for a new cat or simply want to appreciate some giant meow-ers, here are ten large breeds that will win you over.


The Bengal cat has a wild-looking, athletic body that resembles a fearsome Bengal tiger—but don't be fooled!  

This huge cat breed is extremely loving and devoted, making them an ideal family pet.  

If you like an energetic feline, Bengals are climbers that enjoy plenty of cat playtime.   


The Bengal cat's coat can range in colour from brown to sepia, and its marbled or spotted patterns set it out as a really exotic cat.  


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