"Leaked" Season 2 Images Reveal in New Solo Leveling Special

Crunchyroll's Solo Leveling special shows graphics that strongly suggest a Season 2 or second cour.

The new Solo Leveling documentary, The Leveling of Solo Leveling, has caused considerable discussion after revealing Beru,

 who first appears in Solo Leveling Chapter 105 of the manhwa. Due to the anime series' impending end

many social media followers believe a second season is planned. View documentary photos below.

Beru will be beautiful in the anime, and I think the hormigas quimera arch will be in the second court.

 I'm excited for Jinwoo vs. Igris (my favorite fight), and I've heard cap 11 will be crazy.

This may be Season 2's strongest evidence. The Solo Leveling production team may have included Beru's character sheet to "adding extra meat to the story,"

according to producer Sota Furuhashi. While discussing manhwa changes, director Shunsuke Nakashige said,

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