Lessons from the 3,500-year-old Nowruz festival for the year 2024

Millions of Persian-descended people worldwide are celebrating Nowruz, the 13-day spring holiday.

Persia, now Iran, formerly spanned Afghanistan and Pakistan to Egypt and the Balkan Peninsula, leaving behind a rich cultural legacy that includes this spectacular celebration.

Nowruz is 3,500 years old, but celebrants feel its lessons—from taking a yearly reset to respecting family to connecting with nature in a hazardous time—are more relevant than ever.

The prophet Zoroaster founded the monotheistic religion Zoroastrianism in 500 BCE, which celebrated Nowruz. 

The rulers of all subject countries were invited at Nowruz during the Persian Empire (559-331 BCE) to deliver gifts and pay tribute to the king at Persepolis, whose remnants remain in Shiraz.

This allowed the monarchs to show their forefathers that they were prospering, a key festive tradition.

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 However, Nowruz became a secular holiday observed by Christians, Jews, and Muslims even under Islamic authority. 

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