Lindsay Lohan is 'at her finest' in Netflix's new rom-com 'Irish Wish,' the director says. 

Lindsay Lohan stars in a Netflix rom-com, "Irish Wish," where she plays Maddie, a book editor who magically swaps lives with her crush, Paul. 

Maddie's spontaneous wish at a wishing tree leads to comedic chaos as she wakes up married to Paul, played by Alexander Vlahos. 

Rom-com antics ensue when Maddie meets charming photographer James, played by Ed Speleers, during her Irish adventures. 

Director Janeen Damian expresses excitement about creating a '90s-inspired rom-com with Lohan, dubbing her the "rom-com queen." 

Lohan's Hollywood comeback sees her in a whimsical romantic comedy for Netflix called "Irish Wish." 

Maddie's dream of marrying her crush takes an unexpected turn when she magically becomes his bride after a wish gone awry.

The film follows Maddie's journey as she navigates newfound love with James while questioning her feelings for Paul. 

Director Janeen Damian describes the film as a classic rom-com throwback to the '90s, starring the iconic Lindsay Lohan.

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