Mango Matcha Smoothie

I'm not sure whether you've noticed, but Jack published his third post a few weeks ago. (In case you missed it, check out his Blueberry Smoothie). This guy, I tell you, is obsessed with smoothies. 

If he's the smoothie king here, then I'm the matcha mistress. But both together? That's a pairing made in heaven. I couldn't resist making a poor pun.

If you look at this recipe, you'll see that I've left off a popular smoothie ingredient: banana. That's because fresh mango works well as a thickener on its own, eliminating the need for bananas, yogurt, or almonds.

I know there are a lot of smoothie-loving, banana-hating people out there, so this one is for them. Plus, the mango is sweet and refreshing, and it complements the other major component in this recipe: matcha.

Matcha is my superfood of choice for this delicious breakfast combo. Made from grinding the entire green tea leaf, this drink is high in antioxidants and even contains caffeine, making it the ideal morning pick-me-up!

If you're new to creating smoothies, you'll quickly discover that they're among the most versatile recipes available. Feel free to substitute your favorite fruit, drink,

nut butter, protein powder, or superfood supplement! Here are some suggestions for this recipe:

Add bananas or avocados. Yes, this smoothie is creamy on its own, but add one of these ingredients and it becomes extremely thick and delectable. Furthermore, if you serve this for breakfast, it will be a more substantial meal.

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