Margot Robbie: Retelling Tarzan's Legend 

In-demand Australian actress, Margot Robbie, heads deep into the African ,

wild to play Jane contrary Alexander Skarsgard’s jungle king in the Legend Of Tarzan.xt one.  

inform us about Jane’s story in this? “The tale selections up about 8 years after they’ve moved back to London, so there’s no, ‘Me Tarzan. You Jane’ situation.  

It’s just like the standard Tarzan tale achieved in reverse in that they’re married ,

and residing in nineteenth century London, and then they’re drawn returned to Africa. 

Neither of them fit into London society thoroughly, and they emerge as going returned to the Congo wherein Jane grew up. 

She moved there with her father when she became young due to the fact he become doing research, in order that’s home for her. 

She’s extremely excited about going domestic and John Clayton – Tarzan – is extraordinarily trepidatious approximately going home.  

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