Massive comet with brilliant explosions approaches Sun.

A comet approaching the Sun may brighten and dim, appearing to have devil horns. Sky observers may only witness this once or twice in a lifetime.


NASA stated Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks is rushing toward its closest approach to the sun in its 71-year orbit. 


From Neptune to Venus, its orbit is far and close. The inclined orbit prevents a collision with Earth, according to the space agency.


The 18-mile-diameter comet has been noticed for centuries due to its gas outbursts.


From 1761-1831, Jean-Louis Pons found 37 comets using his own telescopes and lenses, according to 


Pons noticed "a shapeless object with no apparent tail," but it brightened sufficiently to be seen with the naked eye the next month.


By August of the same year, the comet was the brightest and seemed to have a divided tail. William R. Brooks, another comet observer, lived 1844-1921, said. He accidently saw the comet on Sept. 2, 1883.


It was discovered that Pons and Brooks saw the same comet 71 years apart, hence Pons-Brooks.


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