Matt Rempe's ban is severe, but it may end up being beneficial for both him and the Rangers.

I've probably written tens of thousands more words about Henrik Lundqvist than any other player. 

 Obviously, Marty Brodeur is the next one to go, and there is a fair likelihood that Mike Bossy will end up with the bronze medal.

 Furthermore, Sean Avery and Bobby Holik are high on the list as well.

I've never written more words per minute of ice time on an athlete than Matt Rempe...

 ...who has become a literal and mythical outsized character in less than a month in the NHL.

The last Rangers rookie to receive as much attention was Lundqvist in 2005-06. Before that... may go back to Don Murdoch, who scored eight goals in his first four games in 1976-77, including a five-goal in his fourth NHL game.

A variety of factors are contributing to Rempe's rising popularity.

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