Meaty oyster mushroom recipes range from tender steaks to rich stroganoff.  

According to former F&W editor Margaret Eby, oyster mushrooms have a mild flavour that makes them less earthy   

In her mushroom guide, she characterises oyster mushrooms as chewier than lion's mane  

With their meaty firmness and savoury flavour, oyster mushrooms also serve as a substitute for bacon and beef.  

Make the most of wild mushrooms by incorporating them into appetisers, spaghetti, tacos, tamales, side dishes, seafood main courses, and other oyster mushroom recipes.  

Paola Briseño González, a Mexican cook and writer, roasts oyster mushrooms to create a hearty  

These quick-cooking kebabs use feathery oyster mushrooms that crisp up nicely.   

Fill warm pitas with acidic labneh and a dollop of strongly herby salsa verde.Tender beech, cremini, and oyster mushrooms  

Champagne vinegar, olive oil, toasted fennel seeds, garlic, and thyme make a delicious appetiser that will elevate your next dinner.   

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