MGM addresses Bruno Mars' gaming debt.

MGM Resorts said Bruno Mars has “mutual respect” and “Any speculation otherwise is completely false; he has no debt with MGM.”


The statement issued Monday responds to NewsNation's Friday revelation that the Park MGM star had tens of millions in gaming debts. 


 The publication said Mars owed $50 million in table game debts from an undisclosed source.


In response to a request for comment, MGM Resorts International emailed:


We are pleased of our partnership with Bruno Mars, one of the world's most exciting and energetic entertainers. 


Bruno's gigs at Dolby Live at Park MGM and Bellagio's Pinky Ring lounge draw international audiences.


Mars maintains his residency production at Dolby Live to pay off debt, according to NewsNation. Mars reportedly makes $1.5 million a night, $60 million a year after taxes. The pub quotes the source, “(MGM) basically own him.”


Even if those estimates were accurate, Mars would lose at least $10 million less than his Dolby Live salary.


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