Monster Hunter: Rise of the Lance-Warrior

Monster Hunter Rise's many weaponry leave you spoiled for choice. Some weapons are hyper-offensive, allow air travel, or allow remote shooting.

Monster Hunter Rise, like every Capcom game, can intimidate newbies. Tips for novice hunters?

Lance is not a weapon. The Lance is the team's most defensive weapon.

Anyone who feels calm and steady wins the race and wants to keep their Mega-Potions healthy will love it.

You can chain these assaults three times and use either thrust in each stage.

Target the heads and tails of larger or upwardly mobile monsters with the upwards poke, which has a longer range.

To guard, hold ZR/RT. Guarding protects you from most assaults, but severe attacks can knock you about the battlefield and deplete your stamina.

The Guard talent softens incoming strikes, making shield blocks easier. Guard reduces stamina damage when assaulted at higher levels.

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