mushroom bibimbap

There are no rules to Bibimbap, and you don't have to make your bowl seem elegant and Instagram-worthy!

The one "must-do" is to combine the rice and sauce before eating, hence the name!Traditional Bibimbap entails preparation and stir-frying a variety of vegetables and meats, which may be time-consuming.

That is why many Koreans, like me, avoid making traditional bibimbap at home.  We prefer to order it at restaurants instead.

What if we reduced it to just one ingredient? Wouldn't it be ideal for home cooking?

Today, I will show you how to prepare an incredible Mushroom Bibimbap!Instead of pan-frying the mushrooms, we'll fold them into the rice and steam them precisely. 

The individual morsels become fragrant, juicy, and pleasantly chewy. Not to mention the natural juice that is contained inside.

Of course, it is the mushrooms! In our recipe, we utilized oyster, button, white, and brown beech mushrooms.

Feel free to utilize mushrooms from your own nation; choose three or four different varieties.

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