Natural Images: Optical Illusion

See anything in these hedges? A huge eye or natural illusion? See the image below for the truth. We know you'll admire Nature's beauty. 


1. An eye or some hedges? 

The image below shows a Japanese, Chinese, or flying guy with a river boat. The soaring bird resembles a man's eyebrow. However, we appreciate the man's smile.


2. A Japanese or Chinese man?

This appears to be nature's best magic. This tree resembles a dancer on her heels.


3. A tree or a dancer? 

The tree below is comparable to a man's head. The tree's branches have grown in a way that gives it the appearance of a man's head. 


4. A man with a hedgy head: 

The picture clearly shows a horse's head. See if the cliff in the picture below resembles a horse head to you as well.


5.  Head of a Horse: 

See the optical illusion below. It depicts Mauritius. This stunning optical illusion is famous in Le Morne Brabant in Mauritius. The phenomena appears as a giant marine waterfall, but it is actually a massive sand discharge into the Ocean.


6. A waterfall inside another?

Not all cows have feathers, but a photographer found one with feathers. The cow may not realize its power because it was an optical illusion.


7. A cow with a pair of feathers is quite unique:

Which country has a burning waterfall? A waterfall appearing to burn is a natural optical illusion. Not molten lava either. Sunlight reflects in the water. 


8. Is it a burning waterfall?  

A photographer found this angry blossom. The flower was unhappy being photographed. This is a humorous natural optical illusion. This flower is not from Alice's Wonderland. 


9. An angry flower: 

Happy couple in the mountains. Big mountain faces, not happy couples or honeymooners. Find the lovers on the left side of the photo. You go! 


10. Lovers in the mountain:

Mars’ Massive Volcano Found 

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