NCAA releases 30-second ‘Change’ film during March Madness.

The NCAA released "Change," a 30-second video about major reforms. The promo debuted on Selection

  Sunday and will air and run during the Division I Men's and Women's Basketball Championships. 

"Change" emphasizes the Association's transformative endeavors to help student-athletes. All Division I institutions must provide 

guaranteed scholarships, tutoring, extended health care, and mental health support, according the NCAA.

Meanwhile, the NCAA is proposing new policies to help student-athletes benefit from their name, image, and likeness.  

The NCAA requires improved support for Division I athletes' physical, emotional, and academic well-being on Aug. 1.


 It adopted new Mental Health Best Practices that all members must follow


 Best practices include growing mental health and sports betting information, social media, sports corruption, suicide, and name, image, and likeness issues.


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