Need a healthy drink after Dry January? Try these low-calorie, low-sugar recipes.  

Are you coming off Dry January? Thousands of sober drinkers forego weekend drinking and replace cocktails with mocktails throughout the first month of the year.  

Most people participate in the challenge for the health benefits, which might include weight loss, reduced liver fat and blood sugar, and increased mood and energy levels.   

According to Morning Consult, around 73% participate to save money.  


Healthier cocktails begin with a clear spirit, such as vodka, gin, tequila, or rum. These include fewer calories and sugar than cream liqueurs. 


Look for cocktails that keep things basic. Lauren Hassan, a registered dietitian nutritionist and chef-owner  

Something Blue Catering & Cocktails, believes two or three-ingredient cocktails are lighter and better for your health goals.  

Freshly squeezed citrus and soda water make excellent mixers. According to Hassan, soda or creamy, syrupy mixers can increase calories and sugar, exacerbating the hangover.  


"At the end of the day, it's still a cocktail," Hassan claims. "Balance and moderation are the biggest key items."  


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