New playoff agreement reached between conferences and Notre Dame

All nine FBS conferences and Notre Dame have agreed to the 2026 College Football Playoff contract, which will bring the playoffs closer to a 14-team field with conference champion guarantees.

The memorandum of understanding assures at least 12 teams in 2026 and beyond,

sources say a 14-team field with the five highest-ranked conference champions and the following nine highest-ranked teams is preferred.

According to sources, the Big Ten and SEC will have most power over the format, but others will be safeguarded by set specifications that can't be changed.

"Anything else regarding format is to be determined," stated CFP executive director Bill Hancock. 

This is a very important next step for CFP, and we still have format details to finalize, but the good news is that football fans will continue to see the best teams in the country compete for the national championship.

This will also maintain extended access. We strongly believe that more programs, players, and fans need competitive opportunities.

We're happy where we are, but there's more to do."

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