NFL News: Buffalo Bills' Cap Manoeuvres Expand Beyond Stefon Diggs, Seeking Solutions for Future Success  

In an NFL landscape where the pay cap dictates as much off-field strategy as game plans, the Buffalo Bills are at a crossroads.  

Despite quelling the torrent of trade rumours around Pro Bowl wide receiver Stefon Diggs, thanks to a prospective contract renegotiation aimed at retaining Josh   

Allen's top target in the fold, the Bills' salary space—or lack thereof—is still a hot issue.  

According to Spotrac, Buffalo is ranked 26th in cap space with only $8 million to spare, thus its financial flexibility is under scrutiny.   

The storyline has switched, focusing on three Buffalo Bills players who could be traded in the team's effort to relieve cap pressures.  

Kaiir Elam, once hailed as a critical ingredient in upgrading the Buffalo Bills' secondary, has struggled to live up to the lofty expectations set when Buffalo  

A promising first season was followed by a difficult 2023, marked by injuries and healthy scratches, which limited Elam's game time.  

Despite interest from other teams last season, Elam chose to stay with the Buffalo Bills.   

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