NFL world reacts to latest FedEx Field debacle

For those hoping to take a shower after their Sunday afternoon game, either the Washington Commanders or the New York Giants had good news and terrible news.

The showers were working, which was fantastic news. The unfavorable report? FedEx Field's hot water was cold.

A Commanders team official was quoted by ESPN's Adam Schefter to describe the problem and the reason it couldn't be resolved in-game.

The Commanders official stated, "We had an equipment failure in the main water heater that provides hot water to the field level locker rooms,"

according to Schefter on Twitter/X. "The stadium's water supply cannot be entirely cut off in order to address the issue

 which is why the repair was not possible during the game."When Daniel Snyder owned the Commanders, FedEx Field conditions were like a weekly punchline. Actually,

This water problem at FedEx Field is not the first, nor is it the worst. 


FedEx Field spectators in 2021 had to deal with leaking sewage buckets.


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