'Obsessed' Video Teaser Features Olivia Rodrigo Collaborating With Other Deceived Exes of Hers

In the official teaser clip for “Obsessed,” the single on Guts' deluxe edition releasing Friday, “Miss Right Now” reads Olivia Rodrigo's breast sash. 

The song video premieres at midnight on Thursday, but the artist is holding court now.

Rodrigo meets with her ex's other scorned and deceived ex-exes in the clip. 

"Miss Thought She Was the One" and "Miss Also Thought She Was the One" blast smoke at her as she enters a crowded dinner hall in a black dress while everyone else wears white gowns. 

About two dozen women sit around the tables, each with a superlative: “Miss Still His ‘Closest Friend,'” “Miss 2 Summers Ago,” “Miss Mom’s Favorite.”

The room alternates between cheery and hostile, but Rodrigo shredding on guitar and confetti poppers spewing silver strips of tinsel indicate pandemonium.

Rodrigo will release “Obsessed” along with four other new tracks, “Girl I’ve Always Been,” “Scared of My Guitar,” “Stranger,” and “So American,” on her deluxe compilation, Guts (spilled).

Rodrigo released Guts last September as a follow-up to her 2021 debut Sour. 

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