On a season-by-season basis, which NHL club has scored the most points?

Since 1985-86, the NHL has given the President's Trophy to the team with the most points.

The club celebrates this award and gets a postseason "advantage" at home. 

 However, history shows that winning the Stanley Cup doesn't usually follow scoring the most points in the regular season.

The 2022-23 Boston Bruins had a historic run. The guys skated, shot, and scored better than anyone in the league all year.

It resulted to 135 regular-season points, the most in NHL history. 

Highest points ever! Most ever points! That must mean more than the President's Trophy, right?

 Their amazing run ended at the start of the Cup hunt. Over. Golf clubs in, hockey out.

As of now, they have the most season points in history. Ever.

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