On March 23, 2024, three zodiac signs reconnected with an old friend.

There's something about spring that makes us want to get up, get out, and socialize. As with all seasons, each one evokes recollections of the past.

While 'the past' sometimes receives a bad rap, we must realize that not everything that happened long ago harmed our mental health.

Reconnecting with a person from the past is not always an easy decision, as we fear that too much distance has formed between us, but we won't know unless we try, right? 

And the Moon's trine to Uranus and Jupiter makes us feel like anything is possible.

We're optimistic that reconnecting with an old friend will be enjoyable.

It is no longer acceptable to dismiss someone and never communicate with them again. That is the stuff of youth, and while you may still be young in heart, you feel more comfortable looking back on your past with fondness. 

1. Cancer 

In your situation, having something in common with someone uncommon and unique is a terrific friendship.

2. Virgo 

Because of the Moon's trine to Uranus and Jupiter, you'll be digging into old memories and wondering what happened to such and so.

3. Pisces 

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