Optical Illusion: Find the odd chocolate bar in this image in 4 seconds!  

Optical illusions are bizarre sights that test our perception and visual abilities.   

These illusions reveal important insights into how our brain interprets complicated visual information.  

Optical illusions are not only enjoyable to solve, but they can also help you improve your creativity and mental health.  

Regular practice of such activities has the potential to improve cognitive capacities and so avoid cognitive decline in elderly adults.   

How attentive are your eyes?The image above shows a grid filled with chocolate bars.  

However, one of the chocolate bars differs from the others.Readers are challenged to identify the unusual chocolate bar in 4 seconds. 

This task provides an excellent opportunity to put your eyesight to the test. 

Your time begins nowCheck the image thoroughly.

People with the best visual skills can spot the occasional chocolate bar faster than other readers.  

Congratulations to those who spotted the chocolate bar; you have great attention to detail.  

Those who couldn't find the odd chocolate bar can see the solution below. 

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