Optical illusion: Find the odd mouse in the image in 5 seconds!  

Optical illusions are mind-bending visuals that challenge your vision and perceptive abilities.  

These challenges help scientists better understand how our brains absorb visual information.     

Optical illusions can also improve cognitive ability and encourage the brain to think imaginatively.   

Regular practice of these tasks improves memory and problem-solving skills.  

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The image above shows a grid of mouse emojis.One of the mice in the picture differs from the rest.  

Readers are challenged to find that mouse in 5 seconds.This assignment will put your observational abilities to the test. 

People with the best visual abilities can spot the odd mouse faster than other readers.

Look at the image one more time before time runs out.

Congratulations to those who have successfully spotted the unusual mouse; you have the sharpest eyes and the best attention to detail.  

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