Our New Brownies Are Inspired By One Of Our Favorite Retro Dessert

To say we have a lot of brownie recipes would be an understatement. We've made skillet brownies, pecan pie brownies, and even brownie trifles, 

so when it came time to add a new recipe (or three) to our growing collection, we had to go outside the box (pun intended).

Inspired by some of our favorite cheesecake tastes, we made fudgy bars with a layer of sweetened cream cheese on top, and like an old-fashioned piece of diner cheesecake, we added sticky and sweet swirls of cherry pie filling. 

Yes, the type from the can. The pie filling has an almost comical gloss and a vivid red color that homemade cherry pie filling lacks.

If you're interested in learning how to make our Cherry Cheesecake Brownies or two variants on the recipe, continue reading.Even if you usually use store-bought mixes, I'm confident you'll be able to make these handmade brownies. 

The foundation comes together in minutes, but the cream cheese layer requires a short blitz with an electric hand mixer. However, assembling the recipe will take no more than 15 or 20 minutes.

To create the nicest swirls, gently slide dollops of cherry pie filling through the cream cheese with a little offset spatula (or a butter knife). You'll want to exercise caution since the more you mix, the muddier the top becomes. 

It will still be wonderful, just not as picture-perfect.We use Dutch-process cocoa powder because it adds richness and chocolate flavor to our brownies. 

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