Our Top 10 Dinner Recipes

No more checking reviews before making that dish you've been craving. We've gathered supper dishes with hundreds of 5-star evaluations from our All recipes community of home cooks. 

 See our 55 best-of-the-best dinner dishes, including chicken pot pie, lasagna, enchiladas, beef stir-fry, and more.

The family chicken pot pie recipe is creamy, warm, and comforting! Using a store-bought pie crust makes this pot pie easy for midweek dinners.


Mom's Chicken Pot Pie 

How popular is this top lasagna? It has almost 19,000 ratings and 20,000 reviews! This 5-star recipe relies on slow-simmering beef sauce and three cheeses. This is a great weekend recipe since you can boil the sauce to develop the flavors.


World's Best Lasagna 

Any barbecue enthusiast will love Scott Hibb's whiskey-grilled baby back ribs. Taste soft, juicy meat that glides off the bone as your guests bite into these delicious ribs.


Scott Hibb's Amazing Whisky Grilled Baby Back Ribs 

Cajun seafood pasta is spicy yet wonderful! Changing the spices to your liking is simple. Cook it in a pan or casserole dish and broil until golden brown.


Cajun Seafood Pasta 

You must try garlic-brown sugar chicken thighs. This recipe's crunchy chicken skin and brown sugar pan sauce are delicious.


Garlic-Brown Sugar Chicken Thighs 

Easy-peasy grilled shrimp! Spicy, sweet, and lemony, this marinade is delicious. Good and tasty!


Amazing Spicy Grilled Shrimp 

Delicious, easy-to-make pork chops with creamy pan sauce! The ultimate soft and tasty pork chop is pan-fried in butter and aromatic seasonings.


Creamy Herbed Pork Chops 

Enchiladas with tangy ranch and bacon make a great midweek dinner! Though not real, these enchiladas are excellent!


Bacon-Ranch Chicken Enchiladas 

Soy sauce, garlic, cabbage, red bell pepper, and meat make a simple but tasty dish. Serve on steaming rice.


Black Pepper Beef and Cabbage Stir Fry 

The savory character of a Bloody Mary makes it a popular pairing, especially with brunch meals, but not always. Bloody Mary toppings range from lobster tails to cheeseburgers, and although some work well, others might be gimmicky without any thought to flavor.


My Chicken Parmesan 

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