Outlander renewed for season 8, which will be its last

Starz is about to serenade us the song of a lass who has passed away... for good.  

The network announced on Thursday that it had renewed the historical drama Outlander for an eighth and final season.   

Outlander, like Game of Thrones, a prestige drama based on a beloved long-running book series, will finish its run on television before the last novel is out.  

Author Diana Gabaldon has stated that the series would conclude with the eleventh novel, which she is currently writing.   

She also acts as an executive producer on the show, which may provide some insight about the plot's conclusion.  

"I can see various things dovetailing together," Gabaldon previously told EW about her intentions for book ten, which would complete the saga.  

"We don't have to end with — this person died, this one was buried. However, it must conclude in a spectacular and fulfilling manner.  

. I know what the very last scene of Book 10 is. I just don't know how we get there."  

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